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20 years

Drakkar celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Drakkar célèbre ses 20 ans!

It is with a tremendous sense of pride and gratitude that we mark Drakkar’s 20th anniversary. Drakkar was founded 20 years ago and carved itself a niche in an emerging industry. The year 1991 marked the beginnings of a flourishing company that grew out of a partnership between two entrepreneurs who always believed that companies that optimize human capital will grow. This shared vision laid the foundations for a solid, lasting business relationship, a symbol not only of prosperity, but also of inspiration, dynamism and passion. Drakkar is defined by the unique strength of a highly qualified team, whose expertise and knowledge are at the service of clients, and have been for the past 20 years. Drakkar recognizes more than ever the importance of continuing in the same vein.

Drakkar célèbre ses 20 ans!

Over the past two decades, Drakkar has distinguished itself and gained the trust and respect of companies in a variety of industries. In addition to offering professional expertise that reflects its clients’ reality, Drakkar supports a number of social causes, in particular to benefit young people, who are the future. Its meteoric rise on the local, national and international scenes is testimony to its operational and strategic effectiveness. Drakkar’s strong growth, significant advances, technological innovations and commercial breakthroughs demonstrate its progressiveness and innovation in a changing world. In spite of this constant expansion, some things have remained: a mission and four values. Drakkar has been steadfast in its promise and primary mission: to make a positive contribution to organizational performance and people development through strong leadership.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your part in Drakkar’s success. You have made this journey a very special success, one characterized by pride and new challenges.

Drakkar: 20 years of expertise at your service!

Michel Blaquière
President and Chief Operating Officer

Denis Deschamps, FCA
President and Chief Executive Officer
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