Sector-based Approach

As a large SME, Drakkar & Partners operates in targeted, leading-edge sectors, four of which are part of defined industrial clusters.


Operational management of strategic projects to achieve our clients’ targeted results in the following sectors:


  • Strategic management of manufacturing projects in industrialization and production
  • Tier 1 supplier for a world-renowned aerospace manufacturer
  • Strategic partner for the most complete aircraft portfolio in the industry


  • Leading-edge logistics expertise and close relationships with our customers
  • Projects involving the deployment of freight with existing infrastructures
  • Implementation of trail-blazing, innovative concepts that will define the logistics of tomorrow
  • Extensive experience in operational outsourcing for public and private fleets in the transportation industry


  • Considerable investment in digital and emerging technology: Wirkn
  • Implementation of avant-garde solutions for virtualizing business processes


  • Innovative, growth-generating projects for the sustainable social and economic development of regions and communities
  • Implementation of multi-purpose platforms for showcasing products and creating jobs
  • Operation of our own facilities – cogeneration (energy) and sustainable development (development of energy resources)


  • Management of strategic issues at the customer site, in a complex, changing and competitive organizational context
  • Management of customer service operations for an outstanding customer experience using an experiential marketing approach


Drakkar & Partners’ sector-based approach is reflected in its recruitment activities. The company has several recruitment banners that operate in defined niches and sectors.

In addition to offering clients value-added, effective solutions, our recruitment divisions also support our strategic operational outsourcing projects. All of our recruitment solutions deliver efficiency and productivity since they are all based on a thorough understanding of specialized positions in demand on the market.