Drakkar : Optimizing human capital


Organizational Development

Industry: Retail and Wholesale


Large fashion retail store chain


The company is looking for flexible, practical and efficient solutions, but does not want a full-time human resources department.


Take over the management of the human resources department as an outsourced service and provide day-to-day support for human resources needs.

Solutions and Methods Used
  • Provided professional advice for anything related to HR policies
  • Advised executives and senior managers about risk management in HR, help them recognize business opportunities and put in place appropriate strategies
  • Provided professional advice on contentious issues
  • Created and supplied managers with HR tools
  • Ensured availability around the clock
Results and Measures of Success
  • Substantial decrease in labour relations incidents
  • Major improvement in human resource management information

Industry: Food


Important Canadian supplier


To institute a corporate succession plan, while filling key management positions quickly; set benchmarks for performance indicators; as well as create a skills evaluation grid, and assess and recommend candidates.


Assister le client pour la mise en place d’un plan de relève pour l’ensemble de l’entreprise en débutant avec une division et fournir un ensemble d’outils aptes à appuyer le processus tout en étant dans l’action du client, au quotidien.

Solutions and Methods Used
  • Proposed a corporate succession plan
  • Created a resilient organizational structure with a horizon of three, five and ten years
  • Developed reference tools and related organizational development tools
Results and Measures of Success
  • Strategic direction provided via an organization in which key players are found in key positions, the effect of which is felt in motivation and energy.
  • Identification of candidates with potential to reach senior ranks and the succession planning process under way
  • The customer was extremely satisfied with such rapid results and is planning to expand the project

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