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Drakkar specializes in strategic consulting and operations management for the optimization of human capital. Drakkar, a Canadian-based company active internationally, has been in operation for close to 20 years.

Its Mission : To make a positive contribution to organizational performance and people development through strong leadership.

Drakkar intervenes in a variety of ways, depending on the needs:
  • Outsourcing, up to and including operational management
  • Strategic counselling
  • Specialized consulting and recruiting services
Drakkar is active in many practices, namely :
  • Outsourcing and Operational Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Customer Experience
  • Absenteeism and Occupational Health and Safety
  • Compensation
  • Executive and Professional Search
  • Recruitment and Placement

In all circumstances, Drakkar wants to act as a partner and commit to establishing effective, innovative and profitable solutions to complex problems related to organizations and their labor.

Even more, Drakkar is one of the only companies to specialize in both strategic consulting and operations management. This makes it a unique centre for innovation and a living laboratory, allowing its professionals to operate within a concrete setting with real-life situations, providing them with a better understanding of the dynamics between an organization and its labour force. This is what makes Drakkar’s solutions so effective and so relevant to customer needs.

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