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A winning company’s guarantee of success is its ability to attract and retain competent staff. Compensation is key to your ability to attract and retain the top labour on the market. It is also one of your company’s largest investments.


By integrating compensation to the company’s financial and organizational objectives and optimizing every dollar invested in salary.

The Drakkar method.

Our solutions have been proving themselves for almost 20 years. They help you make the best choices in compensation and maximize employee loyalty and commitment.

Compensation survey and analysis
Analyze your market confidentially, and help you develop a competitive compensation strategy.
Implement and maintain pay equity
Compare compensation for female jobs with male jobs, and propose adjustments that achieve balance and comply with legislation.
Salary structure
Organize your company’s positions into a hierarchy based on job classes and salary ranges, taking into account your situation, recognized compensation principles and the pay equity report, if available.
Bonus plan
Develop a performance-based employee bonus plan, or revitalize an existing one, based on your financial limits.
Commission plan
Develop a commission plan based on financial results to improve performance.
Performance management program
Put in place a measurement program that underlines employee contributions and reflects company values.
Employee benefit program
Optimize an existing program or develop a new one that meets employee expectations while controlling costs.
Even more with Drakkar.

All of our services can be made to measure. We can deliver services as part of a targeted intervention or simply support you in your efforts. You can even create a group of companies and benefit from our expertise while keeping professional fees and costs to a minimum.

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