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Because customer relations have evolved, and so has employee motivation, the current failure in customer service aspects presents unique opportunities to make a difference and stand out from the competition!


When doing business with you, customers experience an emotion. Creating a positive emotion generates success that is directly related to the stimulating work environment in which your employees welcome them.

The Drakkar method.
Drakkar’s Customer Experience Program radically changes your employees’ attitudes. This program is based on a simple, but effective method, that comprehend:

  1. Identifying the emotion you want your customers to experience
  2. Establishing service quality objectives to achieve:
    • A more motivated and effective team
    • A stronger and well-positioned brand
    • Loyalty of your customers
    • Increase sales and earnings
  3. Making your employees the drivers of your company’s success through the components of the Customer Experience Program:
    • Winning behaviour and codes of conduct
    • Training and coaching
    • Service standards
    • A continuous improvement process
    • Improvement methods
    • Management tools
    • Customer satisfaction measurement plans (conversion rates, etc.)
    • Employee recognition program
  4. As needed, validating solutions with Drakkar’s specialists, who have cross-disciplinary skills.
The win/win principle

By empowering your employees when it comes to customer experience, you create a positive cycle; better trained employees show greater interest and motivation.

When employees enjoy their work and feel they are part of your company’s success, you inevitably increase the number of satisfied customers, who will choose to do business with you instead of the competition. Give your business the "customer edge" that will make “The” difference!

Everyone’s becomes winner!

Creating a positive cycle – customer experience
A team that wants to succeed as much as you do
A stimulating experience for the customer
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