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Drakkar is committed to solving complex organizational and labour management problems, through lasting, innovative and cost effective solutions.

Here is a sample of our achievements in this sector:

PRACTICE: Recruitment and Placement


A major player in North America

  • In a context of rapid growth and many suppliers, the customer wishes to find a single supplier that would meet its labour needs.
  • Given its decentralized structure and many plants and divisions, the customer is seeking solutions to cut the costs of turnover and take advantage of productivity gains through better management of inter-unit labour.

Take over recruiting and placement operations for the company’s plants and divisions.

  • A Drakkar team was created and proposed an integrated approach to eliminate problems of turnover and to take advantage of synergistic gains from tighter management of inter-unit assignments (inter-unit job stabilizer)
  • Dedicated team, 24/7
  • Implementation of team managers in different business units to ensure optimal coordination of labour
  • Regular meetings among supervisors, management and our operations committee to adapt our processes to their realities (strategic challenges in labour requirements)
  • Placement for over 500 shifts each week
  • Maintenance of labour availability with experience in printing
  • Placement of a number of supervisors in different business units
  • Placement of administrative personnel to support the customer’s operating needs
  • The Drakkar approach was the solution they were after. Its efforts created an inter-unit job stabilizer effect, the benefits of which were felt particularly among temporary employees who were able to work a maximum number of hours on an on-going basis
  • Reduced turnover rate, therefore reduced training and increased productivity
  • Fewer suppliers used; Drakkar became the main supplier (placement of 95% of temporary needs)
  • Economies of scale for all business units
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