Mobilization of the business community in support of youth

december 19, 2017

Montreal Hooked on SchoolOver time, collaborative linkages develop between the business and academic communities in support of school perseverance, benefiting both youth and society as a whole. Denis Deschamps, Drakkar & Partners President and Chief Executive Officer and President of the business community Mobilization Committee of Montreal Hooked on School, is a staunch advocate for school perseverance. He recently shared his point of view in the most recent MHS newsletter: “Close encounters between these two spheres within the same committee allows  to confront visions, share knowledge and develop a common interpretation of the challenges linked to collaborative work around the concrete involvement of the business community helping further school perseverance with our youth”. The MHS Mobilization Committee of the business community was established in 2016 to encourage business leaders to take actions to support school perseverance with the youth and to value their involvement in helping young Montrealers persevere in school. Montreal Hooked on School is a regional organization of 33 members in different sectors who are working to promote the school perseverance and success of young people and attain the government’s graduation-rate target for Montreal of 77% by 2020.

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