Corporate social responsibility policy


Drakkar & Partners is a leading strategic operational outsourcing and recruitment firm that has been in operation for 25 years. We are a privately held company with over 1,200 employees and offices in Quebec, Ontario, and the US.

As a people-driven company, we made a commitment to develop and implement this corporate social responsibility policy. This policy reflects the fundamental parts of our organization.


As a major player in outsourcing and recruitment, we rely on the engagement, innovation and passion of our employees. By implementing programs and policies, we provide a framework that contributes to employee engagement. These programs and policies address different areas: attracting, retaining and building loyalty among employees; pay equity and competitive compensation; training and professional development; performance management and recognition.


We are committed to offering a healthy environment that stimulates our employees and ensures their performance and professional development and, most importantly, their health and safety. We create a positive, dynamic, innovative and enriching environment where health, safety and prevention are priorities. With the support of a manager assigned full time to health, safety and wellness, and through our official policy on the matter, we commit to making these priorities part of our business processes and activities and to identify, evaluate and reduce risks for all employees. Through a series of initiatives and activities, particularly the Healthy Living Program, we promote employee wellness and a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


The fundamental values of our organization – sustainability, professional integrity, respect and commitment – are the basis of our social commitment, which focuses on three major issues: supporting young people so that they succeed and stay in school, juvenile health and cultural diversity. The company supports different causes in these areas and offers employees a chance to take action to become stakeholders in the community.


Environmental issues play an important role in our processes and decisions. Every day we strive to reduce our ecological footprint. Our efforts include using video conferencing to reduce travel; donating computer equipment to charities; improving recycling programs in our offices; reducing the consumption of paper by using two-sided printing and scanning.


We are committed to ensuring the growth of our company through sound management and governance practices for our operations. We develop and follow clear, strict policies for protecting our assets; these policies are part of an official framework of internal controls to achieve the company’s financial objectives.

Our business partnerships are based on respect and values such as communication and transparency to ensure our services are marketed honestly. We ensure that all of the company’s efforts and activities comply with regulations and laws in effect, maintaining the organization’s health and reputation.